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I wept into the night Prayed not to die here Choruses of pained voices sang back They said when they have tried to drown you Steal your voice And your belief in self defence Convinced you your skin is dirt Filthy and torn apart for diamonds When you have wished to dissolve When you have dissolved When you have seen yourself slave When you struggle to unsee yourself slave Felt the brutality of a master or owner Cry, grieve Weep, so your heart can know it's not being foolish by hurting But please do not carry the neglect and dehumanization The world treats you with Into your heart For every lost&stolen black kid You are loved You are worthy of saving You are worthy of being free There will be years of hurting It may hurt more before it does less I wish I could tell you there wasn't But you're going to need to breathe through it all But there is hope out there Please believe me Remember when building walls to leave room for doors For hope and love You have survived You are

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